I will leave for you so I will get to hate you
Now I won't cling onto you anymore
I'm gonna be better
It's better if I'm not here

The memories of when I saw you was faint
The love swing has stopped
I board the train that will never come back
I'll let you go.
I'll let you go.

I'll trow it away, now I'll let it all go
You can leave now
Don't ever look for me through my heart hurts
So I can forget you

Move on boy,
I'll never appear in front of you eyes anymore
So you can forget and hate
Cut all those crap
Please start a new life
Be happy as the true happiness
Not the fake one
Don't lie cause the lie will make you hurt even more
Trust me
Let it all go disappear as the wind come and go.

Bye !     

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